Our 2016 IR Survey

Our 2016 IR Survey tackles the still nebulous subject of the level of communication allocators desire from alternative fund IR teams.

While a degree of best practice knowledge already exists, this research from this survey aims to establish some clear indicators of the type and detail of information investors require from managers they are allocated to.

The survey covers a wide range of issues, ranging from existing web communications to media presence and the level of reporting investors consider to be optimum for their requirements.

If you complete the survey, we are happy to provide you with a copy of the final results and analysis.
We continue to receive anecdotal feedback from investors about what they consider to be an inferior level of contact from fund managers. This is increasingly becoming a critical part of the entire manager / investor relationship, and in some quarters it is still not being done well. This project will seek to establish some of the key baseline criteria investors would like fund managers to apply in their IR activities.
Stuart Fieldhouse, IR Halo co-founder